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What Maple Syrup Grade is Right For You?

3 Different Grades
How To Pick Your Maple Syrup
Golden Delicate Maple Syrup

Golden Delicate: 
Golden Color ~ Delicate Taste 
(Vermont Grade Fancy)

Light golden color, delicate maple bouquet. Great mild maple flavor, excellent on ice cream or on foods which call for a little flavor to be added.

Amber Rich Maple Syrup

Amber Rich: 
Golden Color ~ Delicate Taste 
(Vermont A-Medium)

Medium Amber color. Rich maple flavor; is popular on pancakes and waffles. This is the best choice for maple syrup when giving a gift.

Dark Robust Maple Syrup

Dark Robust 
Golden Color ~ Delicate Taste 
(Vermont A-Dark/Grade B)

Dark Amber color, . Strong maple flavor; also very popular for the table. Some people prefer its stronger maple flavor and it is the best grade for cooking.

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