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Gagne Maple

   Creating Maple Syrup in Northern Vermont for 5 generations is the finest blessing this French American Farm Family could ever hope for. The deepest rocky topsoil; the best winter climate produces a Sugar Maple utopian. Our commitment to family and farm is our commitment to the future sustainability for our community.

    In 2001, we built a new sugarhouse at its present location on the St. Armand Road in Highgate, Vermont.This new location had many benefits, the largest being that it was much closer to the maple trees. Our maple trees were very spread out through the area totaling 350 acres. In 2000, a new maple forest was purchased from the Laroche Family Farm. There are approximately 8000 taps in this maple forest. In 2003, another new maple forest was purchased from the Bennoche Family Farm. There are approximately 8000 taps in this maple forest.  

    We are a family run organic operation. Fernand and Patricia have four children and their spouses, and sixteen wonderful grandchildren. It’s great to have the whole family all coming together in the sugarbush or in the sugarhouses throughout the season. We are very fortunate to have a large extended family that also comes to the sugarhouse to help out. Keep Tradition and Making the Best Maple Syrup

    It all starts in the spring, cold nights and warm days the start of the season. Maple trees are tapped to capture their sweet sap. The sap is collected and sent to the sugarhouse. At the sugarhouse we use a traditional wood fired evaporator to boil sap into maple syrup. Our evaporator measures 5ft by 15ft and has an evaporation rate of 400 gallons per hour. Our pans are all stainless steel. The arch is our own design to maximize wood capacity and BTU’s. Our arch and pans are made in the USA.

Raw sap boiling into maple syrup
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